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Step of the way

Branding - Digital Marketing - Video Production - Advertising

Based in the US, Homing is on a mission to change the way homes are bought and sold, giving the power back to the consumer. The project is an ambitious one but exiting as it will disrupt the real estate industry and putting the focus on its users needs, rivaling companies like Zillow and Realtor. With real estate being such a complex industry, Homing wishes to educate its users, and giving them complete freedom through out their journey. Working closely with the team to redesign the look and feel, we place Homing as a friend amongst a deep sea of uncertainty. Through colour and illustrations Homing comes a human and approachable company.

Social Media

With curated imagery, we educate customers, creating trust and behaving like a thought leader in the industry. The value given is key to a strong brand.

Pitch Deck

We know that how important funding is for start-ups to keep the project alive. Having worked with venture capitals as a background, we have front row seats to know what Homing needed. With a well curated Pitch Deck, outlining what is important & relevant to investors , we set Homing on the path for future funding.