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Shaping brands
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The future
Why we do it
Having worked in the FinTech & Venture Capital space, we had a 360O view of the struggles startups face to scale, and the danger this brings to a fund.

VC's work with the idea that only 5-10% of start ups become successful, with 22% failing due to not implement the correct marketing strategies. We want to change that.
What we do
At Partnom, we create brands that last, we bring structure to internal design and marketing teams, and leave companies empowered to continue a path that makes sense, reducing time and money loss. We make websites that convert and take care of marketing so that businesses can focus on what is important ot them.
How we do it
We combine data, logic, and science. We speak to the internal human, with the use of human psychology, backed by the data we have gathered. A proven process that has helped us help the companies we have worked with reach their goals, and find opportunity for further growth.

There are always questions.

Do you work on a fixed-price basis or by the hour?

Flexibility is the key, we strive for appropriate solutions for each specific case. Depending on the scope of work we will give you the most accurate estimate. We are always open to finding a solution that benefits both parties.

What’s the average project duration?

Every project is different, the best way is to reach out and we can scope, but good work cannot come out of the oven half cooked. We ask to be given the appropriate time in order to do our best work.

How long does it take to get started?

We aim to have the ball rolling within one week of the initial kick-off meeting.

Does Partnom use templates to design?

All our work is bespoke, we analyse each individual case and create designs that are directly linked to the mission of the project. No one project will look in any way to another. It's not how fast we get there, it's how. But we do leave companies with templates for continued work within their design and marketing teams.