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A/O PropTech

A/O PropTech is the largest Built World VC firm focused on transforming real estate into a more digital, efficient, and accessible asset class. They back startups that have the shared vision of improving the quality of life, accelerate sustainable living, and enable the decarbonisation of the largest asset class in the world.

Investing in a

better built world

A/O Proptech
Brand Identity
Visual Design
Web Development
Social Media
Brand growth
more website retention.

The challenge was to position A/O propTech’s values and mission with a focus on ClimateTech, but also maintaining a focus as a specialised Built World VC.


We did a complete rebrand, scrapped away their previous colours composed of pink and blue which made them look more like a social app, rather than a leading VC. By including darker colours highlighting their strong corporate foothold and a green accent colour to reflect their focus on ClimateTech business ventures sending the right message to the right audience.

New kid on

the block


A/O was the new kid on the block having been active for just over a year. For the new website, we had to completely rethink the customer journey.

They needed to look attractive to emerging talent in the startup world but also to future LP's wanting to fund future rounds, keeping operations alive in an already hostile economy. With poor navigation, a bad user interface, we had to rethink the whole journey.

By having custom made sections to fit vital business info, bespoke imagery that dressed the website accordingly, providing consistent and concise messaging, reinforcing brand awareness and a user friendly design.

We carried A/B testing of the website, with continuous monitoring over the following 8 months after launch. Bounce rate went from 20% to 42%, with the average duration on the website going from 2min to 8 min per average.

Just click me

Not your

Typical VC

Social media

One of A/O’s mission is to bring awareness to the built world and its many challenges. Through social media post, they educate their audience and bring value wherever possible

Social Media

Once the new brand established, we designed templated visuals for each content pillar of their social media. Since the deployment of the new visual identity, the performance quadrupled for the likes, engagement and clicks on LinkedIn posts  compared to 2021, despite posting 40% less than the previous year year.

20% more


The previous website had a bounce rate of 20% and it wen’t up to 42% which is the optimal range for website retention

8 minutes
view duration

of the new website compared to 2 min on the previous website

100% right brand perception

The new brand identity is perceived 100% for what it represents, after interviewing users on their impressions.

4X better


on social media

With the new brand application on social media, the performance on social media in terms of engagement, likes and clicks quadrupled despite posting 40% less than the previous year.